I am an independent researcher.

My research interests lie in understanding the ways that information and knowledge shape the lives of individuals, organizations and the society.

To this end, I study the social-economic perspectives of the digital age by taking two paths. The first lies in understanding the impact of the digital technology on individual and the second in studying the development of ideas and knowledge by applying computational methods to large corpora of text. I publish my work in refereed journals and academic conferences. A list of my publications is available here.

My interest in the effects of technology on the Information Society led me to closely follow the cultural, economic and social processes that are occurring around us in the digital era. To that end I developed a course on the Economics of Information and taught it in several universities. I also maintain a blog and post relevant article and news items on facebook and twitter.

I received my PhD in 2014 from the University of Haifa. The title of my dissertation is Online Information Markets and Judgement Self-Efficacy and my research advisors were Prof.  Sheizaf Rafaeli and Dr. Daphne R. Raban.

I am a research associate at the Center for Internet Research at the University of Haifa and affiliated with the LINKS, The Israeli Center of Research Excellence.

My academic career follows a rich and  fulfilling career in the high-tech sector. Today, further to my academic activities, I enjoy my time with family and friends and take interest in politics and arts.